How to Profit from Rookies in MLB DFS

Rookies are a great source of profit and productivity in MLB DFS. For example, Luis Matos helped me win several cash games on 5/18/24 by scoring 34 Draftkings points. At only $2,300, Matos offered a low risk, high reward option for all formats. The upside for GPPs was obvious, and for cash games, he didn’t need to do much to outperform that salary.

Risk and upside

The beauty of playing recent rookies and/or recent call-ups is that many offer moderate to high upside but have reserve-player salaries on Draftkings and Fanduel. Two examples from today, 5/20/24 are Joey Ortiz ($3,500 on DK) and Miguel Vargas ($2,200 on DK). Ortiz has been on a tear recently and is a must-play at that price. Vargas is the riskier option, and is no longer considered a rookie, but he’s still considered a young asset in the Dodgers organization. At that price, in that lineup, there’s little risk, even in cash games.

Another example of a useful rookie is Masyn Winn; he’s currently priced at a season-high $3,300 on Draftkings. He’s more of a cash game play due to his speed and OBP, but those 5-8 points are useful in that format.

GPP vs cash game rookies

While rookies are a great source of value, be sure to avoid players with a “hacker” profile in cash games. A prime example is Jordan Beck of the Colorado Rockies. Beck has been priced under $3,000 since being called up, and has real, raw power. He also strikes out a third of the time and puts up plenty of zeroes. So far, he has walked ZERO times in 62 at bats. He is an excellent play for large field GPPs, but no so much in smaller tournaments or in any cash game.

On the other hand, Masyn Winn and Luis Matos offer more balanced profiles. Winn has speed and a respectable .340 OBP, and Matos has a speed/power blend. Both offer multiple pathways to fantasy points, which is crucial in winning cash games.


Rookies, second year players, and post-hype guys are all potential sources of profit in MLB DFS. The low salaries combined with upside present excellent buying opportunities.

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